Readers ask: What Is In Fox’s Pizza Taco Meat Ingredients?

Does Fox’s pizza have garlic sauce?

Our Delicious Sauce and Cheese topped with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and black olives. Garlic spread, Fox’s famous cheese blend, and any 2 pizza toppings of your choice.

How many slices are in a fox’s Big Daddy?

He can craft an impeccable pepperoni Big Daddy — Fox’s bestseller, a 21-slice pizza for $11.99, plus $2 per topping — in under three minutes, not including cook time.

Where did Fox’s Pizza originate?

Started by Jim Fox in 1971, the Fox’s Pizza Den chain began in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania, and is now operating in 25 states with more than 200 franchises, according to the restaurant’s website. The business was incorporated in 1974.

How many calories are in a slice of Fox’s pepperoni pizza?

There are 248 calories in 1 slice of Fox’s Pizza Den Big Daddy Pepperoni Pizza.

What does a Foxes Lair look like?

The average fox den is made of about 4-5 components. There is usually a hole or entrance, with a tunnel that is dug at an angle down into the earth. The tunnel has a couple of large holes dug inside.

How many calories are in a Big Daddy pizza?

BIG DADDY’S® Bold 16″ WG Rolled Edge Cheese Pizza must provide 2.00 oz. equivalent meat/meat alternate, 3.00 oz. of equivalent grains, 1/8 cups red/orange vegetables, Portion to provide a minimum of 370 calories with no more than 18 fat grams.

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How many calories are in a piece of Big Daddy pizza?

There are 377 calories in a 1 slice 1/8 per pizza (155.000g) serving size of School Lunch, pizza, BIG DADDY’S LS 16” 51% Whole Grain Rolled Edge Cheese Pizza, frozen.

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