How Many Calories In A Vegetarian Burrito?


Value per per burrito % Daily Values
Energy 644 cal 32%
Protein 16.1 g 29%
Carbohydrates 91.8 g 31%
Fiber 7.5 g 30%

How many calories are in a vegetarian burrito from a Mexican restaurant?

Chipotle Mexican Grill Vegetarian Burrito has 930 calories per burrito, according to the manufacturer. The percent Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient in a portion of food indicates how much that nutrient contributes to a person’s daily diet.

How many calories are in a large vegetarian burrito?

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1 burrito (709g)
How many calories are in Veggie Burrito? Amount of calories in Veggie Burrito: Calories 945 Calories from Fat 337.5 (35.7%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Veggie Burrito? Amount of fat in Veggie Burrito: Total Fat 37.5g

Are veggie burritos healthy?

Because a vegetable burrito does not contain any meat or fish, the fillings must be comprised mostly of beans, rice, and shredded cheese. Rice is a fantastic source of starchy carbs, and beans are excellent since they are low in fat, rich in protein, and high in fiber. In addition, All of this wonderful food fills you up and helps to keep your digestive system in good working order.

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How many calories are in a small veggie burrito?

470 Calories

Fat 16 g
Carbs 69 g
Fiber 6 g
Protein 15 g

How many calories in a Taco Bell veggie burrito?

Nutritional Information for Taco Bell Fiesta Veggie Burrito

Serving Size 1 burrito
Calories 560
Calories From Fat 252
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 28g 43%

How many calories is a vegan burrito from Chipotle?

Veggie burrito

Calories 860
Saturated fat 48% of daily
Sodium 85% of daily

How many calories are in a veggie burrito bowl?

Mexican white rice, black beans, tomato salsa, corn salsa, guacamole, and lettuce flavored with chipotle peppers.

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1 bowl (553g)
How many calories are in Veggie Burrito Bowl? Amount of calories in Veggie Burrito Bowl: Calories 580 Calories from Fat 202.5 (34.9%)
% Daily Value *

How many calories in a veggie breakfast burrito?

The number of calories in a Veggie Breakfast Burrito

Calories 395.1
Saturated Fat 11.8 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.8 g
Monounsaturated Fat 3.2 g
Cholesterol 176.5 mg

How many calories in a breakfast burrito from Filibertos?

Filiberto’s Breakfast Burrito has a lot of calories.

Calories 684.9
Sodium 1,478.8 mg
Potassium 434.1 mg
Total Carbohydrate 43.9 g
Dietary Fiber 2.4 g

Is a bean burrito healthy for you?

Burritos can really be beneficial to your health. With 380 calories and an astounding 14 grams of protein, this one is packed with fiber-rich beans and is a good source of protein. It also keeps the fat to only 11 grams, which is far less than what you’d find in a normal loaded tortilla.

What’s in a veggie burrito chipotle?

A huge burrito stuffed with rice, beans, lettuce, guacamole (with tomatoes, onion, corn, and salsa), and even Chipotle’s distinctive tofu sofritas may be ordered as a vegan meal at the chain’s restaurants.

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What fast food is the healthiest?

  1. Arby’s Roast Chicken Entrée Salad is one of the healthiest fast-food menu items available.
  2. A Napa Almond Chicken Salad served on Country Rustic Sourdough from Panera Bread
  3. Sandwich made with grilled chicken from Chick-fil-A
  4. McDonald’s Oatmeal with Fruit and Maple Syrup
  5. Panini with tomato and mozzarella from Starbucks
  6. Veggie Egg White Omelet from Dunkin’ Donuts

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