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Bell American Group, led by CEO Greg Flynn and CFO Lorin Cortina, is beginning a new era in the legacy begun by Craig Fenneman and Charles Brown in 1982 when they purchased two Taco Bell restaurants in southern Indiana and grew their business to 76 units in Kentucky, Illinois & Indiana.
Thirty two years on, with 170 Taco Bell and associated YUM! Brands restaurants, as well as $200 million in annual sales, Bell American Group is the third largest franchisee of Taco Bell in the US. Bell American is also proud to directly employ 5,000 employees accross four states, pushing our community of excellence to new heights. 
We feel confident that our values and principles will provide an environment for Bell American Group to grow & prosper and for our team members to continue to enjoy & take pride in their work. 
We will never compromise our integrity. Our standard for ethical behavior must always meet this test:
We will be comfortable seeing our actions (and the motive for them) published in the newspaper


That creating and keeping customers is the only basis for job security and the foundation for Company growth
That employees are our most valuable asset, and they should be recognized for their contributions to the Company’s growth
That performance is the only basis for reward
That measurement improves performance
That we should control the selection of people rather than control the people we select
That a positive attitude is the most important attribute of employees
That good employees openly express their opinions, concerns, and ideas and that successful managers listen
That success depends upon the commitment of each individual to our standards, to our goals, and to each other in celebrating successes



To Our Fellow Employees:


We will reward you based on your individual and team performance
We will treat you fairly and with dignity and respect
We will encourage and assist each of you to reach your highest level of accomplishment
We will encourage your frank expression of opinions, concerns and ideas
You have a right to know the reasons underlying Company goals, standards and procedures
We will consistently measure your performance and provide accurate and timely feedback
We will provide a clean and safe workplace

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


Mailing Address:

5864 South East St.
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Phone: 800-776-8226